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4 Science-Backed Parenting Tips for Boosting Your Kid’s Intelligence

When it comes to parenting, you will find that plenty of products are sold in the name of child development. But just like snake oils in the medical industry, only a few of those parenting items actually work. And knowing which ones are legit can save you a significant amount of money! Therefore, take notes of these 4 science-backed parenting tips:

Encourage Them to Read

reading a storyReading boosts intelligence, and it is irreplaceable. But forcing your kids to read books that they don’t enjoy is just as bad as letting them grow without books. You have to make them love reading first. And that requires you to know which books to pick exactly. Do you see how rich, colorful, and joyful the materials are there? That is how a children’s book is supposed to look. 

Reading encourages your kid to get accustomed to extracting and processing textual information. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and King’s College London conducted a study regarding whether the benefit of reading is temporal or not and affects intelligence. The result is as we may have predicted. Kids who are taught to read from an early age will get better at comprehending textual information as an adult than those who are not. 

Make Them Physically Active

a physically active kidChildhood obesity is no joke. And just like when it happens to adults, it can impair the cognitive ability of the obese person. A 2016 study entitled, “Obesity Reduces Cognitive and Motor Functions across the Lifespan,” confirmed that claim. 

Therefore, don’t freak out when your kids like to run around the house, climb the fence, and do other physical activities. They are signs that your kids are healthy. In fact, you should embrace that behavior by teaching them sports. 

Treat Them Accordingly (Punish & Reward Parenting)

a mother kissing her daughterOur society seems to move from the extreme stance of the authoritarian style to the extremely permissive one. The truth is that you need to stay in the middle. When your kid throws a tantrum, you must not hesitate to correct that behavior, not to indulge them with permissiveness. Not only will it make them grow to be an irresponsible adult, but it will also make them more likely to act dumb and fail to learn from their mistakes. Therefore, your parenting style must be based on the facts. If your kid misbehaves, tell them how they are wrong. Don’t get angry at them without reasons or show any violent manners. And once your kid corrects their behavior, don’t forget to praise them. 

Be Attentive to Their Curious Minds 

Kids are filled with curiosity. And that is the door that opens to countless opportunities once they reach adulthood. If you are not attentive to the things that make your kid feel curious, they are going to lose that passion. And at the end of the day, you can’t blame them for not being passionate enough in life!

Therefore, you should educate yourself about how to answer general questions scientifically. Or at least, you should accompany them in their journey of finding out the answers by buying them books, taking them to a museum or observatory, etc. 

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