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Reasons People Consume Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are hallucinogenic and contain a chemical called psilocybin. They are well known for creating psychedelic effects, which bring an experience that alters the users’ minds. It was traditionally used by indigenous societies to connect with the spirit world. Through the hippie movement of the 1960s, the mushroom gained popularity. Today they are commonly used during music festivals.

These mushrooms can be eaten when dried, brewed in tea, or taken fresh and can be consumed in food like cake. Psilocybin mushroom is sometimes dried and crushed to a powder, which is sniffed, injected, or made into capsules and swallowed.

Here are some reasons why people consume mushrooms

To Reduce Depression

to alleviate depressionIn psychoactive mushrooms, the active ingredient called psilocybin has given cultural and spiritual bedrock to many civilizations. Some called it the divine mushroom. Modern neuroscience revealed how psilocybin reacts with the receptors in the brain to create multiple effects that alter consciousness. Other new research has demonstrated how the mushroom is effective at treating depression. In some instances, one dose can clear the symptoms permanently.

To Increase Creativity

to improve creativityThis mushroom can take an individual to a state where the world experience is freed from associating with a specific ego. In the right context, the temporary loss of ego can be beneficial. The expansive and life-changing experience can help someone feel alive and well connected.

It results in boosted creativity. Taking the mushroom opens you up to about the universe in a different way, realizing a connection to something greater.

For Smoking Cessation and Treating Other Addictions

smoking cessationPsychedelics can treat those caught up with unhealthy habits in life. Magic mushrooms can help those who are addicted to drugs such as nicotine and cocaine. In 2008 there was research undertaken by a collaboration of scientists to investigate how psilocybin therapy can help in overcoming nicotine addiction. This ongoing research is seen as evidence that is strengthening the adoption of psilocybin as a treatment for substance abuse conditions.

For Beneficial Shift in Personality

Humans are naturally full of love and open, therefore eager to grow learn and connect. As one experiences life, some experiences which bring suffering close them down. Heartbreak is an obvious example of such an experience as it makes someone less open to subsequent romantic encounters. When people experience a series of negative events associated with their lives, they can easily close down, avoiding future experiences. Psilocybin can help by significantly increasing openness through some dose of this ingredient.…

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