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Mistakes to Avoid When Using CBD Treats for Dogs

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It is one among the many cannabinoids which determine the way cannabis affects the users. CBD will not make you high as it is non-psychoactive. It is popular because of its medical properties and can be used by humans as well as pets. You can find CBD in the market in the form of oil, isolate, edibles, wax, and topical creams. And you can get these in dispensaries or an online store.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when using CBD to treat dogs

Not Sticking to the Right Dose

not sticking to the right doseMany experienced users of CBD believe that they have enough skills to compute the right dosage for pets. Mostly, they manage to get it right since it is not difficult. Despite this, some users might give the pets a variant of CBD oil intended for humans. This can bring challenges, primarily if one relies on the instructions provided on the label. The dosage for pets ranges from 0.2 to 0.8mg per kg of body mass two times a day. The condition being treated will also determine the dosage, but to be safe, start small.

Overlooking the Quality of CBD

overlooking the qulityCBD is relatively new in the market and lacks regulation on quality, with many newcomers encouraging the use of their products. Therefore, there is a need to be vigilant on the quality of CBD oil you use on pets. Avoid the low-priced or cheap products even if you are trying, research, and shop for the best in the market.

The best CBD oils look overpriced, but you must be willing to pay the price for the safety and health of your pets. Purchasing cheap products will lead to getting fake or products with synthetics that can be harmful to the pets.

Not Being Consistent

CBD is not a one-time solution, and for it to work as medication for pets, you have to follow and stick to the program. If you give the pet a dose today, tomorrow you forget to administer the next one; this will not help as consistency is critical. Another problem arises when a product is used for a week; when the effects are not seen, you decide to stop the medication. Like the other medications, it is necessary to proceed with the therapy. The benefit will come in depending on the pet’s condition, size, and other factors.…

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A Complete Guide to Buy CBD Safely

CBD (Cannabidiol) has been reported to be the most effective and efficient non-chemical drug to treat various diseases, from mood disorders, depression, seizures, to cancers. And since the legalization of marijuana, the industry is thriving and has given birth to many manufacturers. There are tons of cannabis products available for sale on the Internet! And this is good news, or is it?

Buying CBD Can Be Scary

The biggest stumbling block in the marijuana industry is that there has not been an authoritative organization supervising the quality of the products distributed online. On your end, as a customer, you have to be aware of that fact. Not only will you be at constant risk of buying a poor quality product but also the contaminated ones. 

A 2017 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association tested CBD 84 products from 31 different companies, and the researchers found out that 26% of those products had CBD significantly less than the milligram advertised on their labels. You wouldn’t get any benefits you are promised for if you consumed those CBD products. 

What to Look from a CBD Brand

bottles of hemp oilLet’s say you live in the UK, and this is your first attempt to buy CBD. The big chances are that you probably type ‘ CBD UK ‘ on your browser and start shopping from the vendors appearing on the first front pages. In that case, you should know that it still does not guarantee anything. You have to look at the brand and ask these three questions:

  1. Does the brand has a Certificate of Analysis? 
  2. Can you find consumer reviews on the brand?
  3. Is there an exact percentage of the CBD content on the product’s label or its official website?

Prefer a Full-Spectrum Weed Extract

A full-spectrum weed extract means that it contains a percentage of THC compound and other cannabinoids in it. A 2015 research published by the Scientific Research Publishing showed that isolated CBD was not as effective as full-spectrum weed extract in treating pain and inflammation. CBD may help with your anxiety, stress, and other mild conditions. But if you have a much more severe health condition, you should consider the full-spectrum extract. 

Consider Buying a Locally-Sourced CBD

This may not be an available option worldwide. But if your country has legalized cannabis, the odds are that there are local distilleries making CBD products. Buying CBD online surely is convenient, but there is still a 50:50 chance you get a counterfeit or poor-quality CBD. If you buy from a local distillery, you can always deal with them directly if they don’t give you CBD as advertised. And you can even tell other CBD users in your area to avoid transacting with that very vendor. 

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